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19 May 2015 @ 12:07 pm

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I'm awesome!
I love kpop, toku/sentai and tenimyu.
Feel free to add :D
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04 July 2010 @ 07:08 pm

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Hey guys :) it's been a while yet again but after a few recent events and thinkings i've got myself a new journal, which i will be updating a lot more often than this one lol.

Please follow that one if you wish it'd be great to start talking to everyone again :3 I'll eventually completely move over there and shut this one down or something.

ILU guys x
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17 May 2010 @ 04:47 pm
Yes you are seeing right! I am updating my Livejournal :O

I haven't updated here since 26th February and as awful as it is, I haven't been on my flist in that time either!
So yeah; University pretty much took over my life. I have now finished all my exams and assignments and have a few months of somewhat peaceful bliss before i go to Japan.
As of now, I have been given a place at Mukogawa'a Women's University in Nishinomiya. I am ridiculously excited to go though I just hope i get good enough results and pass etc...
Nothing much irl has happened tbh other than working away at university. boring i know.

As for fandom, I wont give you a rundown spam of everything that has occured since i last updated that would kill you all but indeed;

Despite saying i wouldn't, I am madly in love with ZE:A and i'm Hyungshik biased although i love them all ;~;
I'm also in SUPERSTANMODE for F.Cuz (Kan biased) & D-NA(Mika biased) though I was a big x-ing fan back in the day lol.
BEAST, Mblaq, u-kiss and Shinee are still my darlings too though ;D

Anyway this was a pretty quick post but; HOW ARE YOU GUYS!? I KNOW I HAVE MISSED SO MUCH, I'M SORRY ;__;
Also i am always 99% of the time on tumblr now so feel more than welcome to follow me there :D
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